Parque Tecnológico de Asturias
Parcelas 19, 20 y 23
33428 – Llanera / Asturias

985 980 446
985 980 858

Passion for our vision
We are a company committed to the creation of innovative products improve people´s health and assist the full development of the sanitary sector..

Passion for our mission
We work steadily on the investigation, development, manufacturing and commercialization of intravenous solutions for the treatment of hospitalized patients or those under delicate health conditions..

Passion for our values
Both our vision and mission remain solid day after day because they are supported by four fundamental values:

  • Constant innovation
    We are actively involved in the development of products and ideas which Foster improvement and become a referent for all industries within this sector..
  • Constant efficiency
    We constantly improve each of the activities and processes we carry out.
  • Constant resources
    We invest in the development and training of human and technological resources..
  • Constant development
    We always look to the future.

More information: www.tecsolpar.es


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