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Based in Northern Spain (Asturias), ARS-Arside is specialized in the hardfacing of all types of steel parts that are subject to erosion, abrasion, wear and tear, or corrosion.Hardfacing is performed with a distinctive alloys welding over cores that had been previously forged or fused.

The process comprises the following steps:

· An initial mechanization
· A preheating and regeneration annealing
· Hardfacing
· A finishing thermal treatment
· A final mechanization
· and Grinding


In Arside´s premises complex processes are carried out to fix spindles, rollers, interchangers and riders amongst others. For instance, a hardfacing job consists in achieving recovery of a worn-out piece via the application of specific welding procedures (i.e. submerged arc, gas-shield arc or open arc) with particular alloys (Non-ferrous, Co-based, Ni-based), or stainless steel.

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