Business Activities

3 are the different activity sectors of the Group.

Industrial Unit 

The industrial Unit is the most important of the Group, as much in number of workers as in business volume. It consists of companies dedicated to the industrial maintenance, as CYR, located in Asturias, as well as factories that operate in the metallurgy-mechanic sector, located in Asturias. If it wishes more information on this sector visit Arside Construcciones mecánicas web site.

Real estate Division

The real estate division operates in the construction sector and real estate promotion, as well as in real estate services. The Group also participates in hotels and shopping malls, like Villa de Avilés Hotel and Centro Meanas, both located in the city center of Avilés.

New business areas

In this division coexists companies of different activities, dividing the affluent activity in three differentiated areas:

- In the sanitary area operates the Hospital of Luarca and EFMO, distributing wholesale company of ORTHOPEDIA material and products.

- The international area is integrated by MELCA international development, located in La Habana (Cuba).

- GRUPOMELCA is one of the most important shareholders of Grupo Duro Felguera, showing participation in the society of mixed character and in the company of computer science services and New Technologies In&Co systems.

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