More than 30 years in the market guarantees the great trajectory of GRUPOMELCA.
Our group of companies is born in 1970, being Montajes Eléctricos del Cantabrico S.L., (MELCA). This first society was born like dedicated company to make electrical systems and to be in industrial maintenance services, mainly in Aceralia, old Ensidesa.

The group continues growing and in the year 1980 purchased with Aceralia the company Asturiana de Recargues Siderúrgicos S.A.(ARSIDE), specialized in the development of rechargues systems of rollers by means of weld, applying a developed innovating technology with Sarclad International and British Steel.

At this moment it begins a period of fast expansion and diversification, getting up itself new companies to our enterprise group.

At the present time GRUPOMELCA is constituted by 17 societies that operate in as diverse sectors as:

- real estate sector (promotion and construction)

- metallurgy-mechanic sector (factories of manufacture and repair)

- sector of industrial maintenance in Asturias and the Valencian community

- international area import-export (company of manufacture of tubes and contract of joint administration with the Ministry of the Sideromecánica y Electrónica in Cuba),

- New area of actividades (sanitary, geriatrical, hotel, computer science, consultancy of Quality, etc.). In addition GRUPOMELCA is an important shareholder of Grupo Duro Felguera, one of the unquestionable leaders in its activity at national and international level.

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